Panel composite

Polysitec® and his business environment can offer you technical lightweight boards or high performance lightweight scaffolding and formwork panels, suitable for floors of boats, horse trailers, light bodyworks, trapdoors and floors panels for scaffolding. Is a composite panel mono-block thermal consolidated (without adhesives), it’s a foamed PP core or recycled foamed PET core, add to GMT skins and a superficial thermal consolidated PP (polypropylene) film in order to personalize the SMOOTH or ANTISLIP finishing.

  • GMT o Glass Mat Thermoplastic, they are reinforcing fibers mixed with thermo-plastic fibers.
  • Smooth PP surface: Resists concrete ALKALIS (200-300 uses and it keeps working).
  • Antislip surface: R12 level with regard DIN 51130 (dry µ=0.85, wet µ=0.70).
  • Abrasion resistance: DIN 53799, Polypropylene is 10 times more resistant than plywood.
  • Environmental resistance: UV resistance, <0.05% water absorption 7days-ISO DIS62.
  • Impact resistance: Passes ball impact test (100 kg metallic ball thrown from 2.5m high).
  • Resistance and safety: Spontaneous collapse or breaking are not possible. Does not rot.
  • Deflection: It is adequate to be used, does not deteriorate in use, you can hammer nails.
  • Water resistant: Can be cut and make holes, it is not at all affected by moisture.
  • Lightness: 10mm thick, its density is always 500kg/m³. The light core is a closed cell.
  • Advantages: Ideal for damp areas, easy to clean, improve logistics cost and performance.
  • Production: For company with big orders, we customize the thickness, colour  and stiffness.

Comments: The number of form-work cycles is based in customer’s own experiences. This does not form any guarantee from the manufacturer, since the number of uses, as in plywood, depends a lot on the form-work system and its manipulation during the work. This panel can be repaired.

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