Vinyl pavements

Polysitec® and its surroundings can bring you a wide selection of vinyl pavements or PVC floors with diferent finishes, Real Touch, Deep Emboss, Light Emboss, Stone Emboss, Crystal Emboss, Leather Emboss; with different assembly systems: click, Losse Lay and Glue Down; with different thicknesses and cores: WPC, (Wood Plastic Composite), SPC or SC, (Stone Plastic Composite or Sintered Core), HDB (Higt Density Board); with different PAD (mat), cork, honeycomb, polyethilene foam IXPE, EVA foam (ethilene and vinyl acetate); in different formats, nonslip, resistant to stains and impacts, high noise isolation, suitable for underfloor heating, etc. Contact us and we will advise you according to your needs. Factory direct!