Polysitec® and its business environment can offer you several customized natural sewage purification with a water basin, artificial lakes and wetlands. Aquatic area with inserted plants in a system of surface flow, sub-surface flow or in floating position with water plans inserted in a floating organic support made of plant fibres. Vegetation macrophyte and halophyte, these facilitate biological, physical and chemical processes which purify progressively water. Eco Bio is a purifications system, odourless, integrated, aesthetic, versatile, sustainable and with a minimum maintenance and assembly cost.

  • Design, advice, complete implementation and maintenance.
  • Simple system that replaces or complements the purification plants.
  • Ecological generator of CO2, without greenhouse emission.
  • Low technification, reduced cost, durability and low collapse risk.
  • It is used as a tertiary treatment in the bigger purification plants.
  • For the depuration in communities smaller than 1.000 inhabitants.
  • For camping, hotels, isolated urbanizations, ponds, etc.
  • For agro-industrial and solid waste dumps landfill leachate.