Covers Ductile Iron

Polysitec® and his business environment can offer you several customized solutions of grates and manhole cover made with Ductile iron: covers for wells, hydraulic covers, service covers, channels and grates, scuppers, casting kerbs and gully grating traps for drainage systems, fluid conduction system, unblocking systems, sewer system, cisterns, public works, ports, airports, rail and public infrastructures, etc. We are specialized in covers and grates for use in airport and port zones with heavy traffic up to F900 or 900 KN – 90TM. 

  • Manhole covers and grates for different traffic load A15 – B125 – C250 – D400 – E600 – F900.
  • Manhole covers with assist lift system with gas springs or stainless steel AISI304 springs.
  • Manhole covers with anti-slip surface, fillable, hinged and with assist lift system.
  • Made in Europe, they can be customized with the logo or the desired inscription.
  • Manhole covers homologated and certified under the norm UNE EN-124.

Link for download the catalogs of Fonderies Dechaumont.