Concrete modular skateparks

Polysitec® and its business environment can offer you solutions with prefabricated concrete modular elements, suitable to be used in pumptracks and prefabricated skateparks. Industrial fabrication system and controlled in an environment under ISO 9001. Integral solution: advising, design, implementation, area certification, optional back and lateral enclosure.

  • Prefabricated reinforced concrete modular skateparks and pumptracks.
  • Great durability, no maintenance, noise minimization, easy assembly.
  • Resistant to vandalism, humidity and fire. Global warranty of 5 years.
  • Resistant to atmospheric agents, high and low temperatures.
  • Reinforced transitions and borders with STAINLESS steel.
  • Handrails, screws, rail and accessories made with hot galvanised steel.
  • Fabrication and assembly under the norm UNE-EN 14974:2006 +A1:2010.

Characteristics of the concrete (non polymeric): prefabricated reinforced concrete following the norm EN-206:2013+A1:2016, with grid Q139 and siliceous sands with a maximum diameter of 16mm, chlorides content in the concrete of Cl 0.20 (0.20%), resistance to compression of C35/45 (N/mm²), concrete suitable to exposures of XC4 and XF3 (DIN-EN 206:2013), suitable system to air permeability under UNE-EN 1026:2016.