Urban pavements

Polysitec® and his business environment can bring you urban pavements of all mass technical porcelain stoneware, natural stone STONE20 Sns with 20mm thickness and concrete syntherised SILENT12 Sc with 12mm thickness. Sintered is a homogeneous mixture, subjected to high pressure and almost melting temperature (1.400ºC). Are pavements appropriates for use in: walks, kerbs, garage entrances, parkings, squares and avenues, seafront and seaports, airport areas, petrol stations, swimming pool beaches, etc.

  • Designed to improve the quality of life in urban environments.
  • Designed to facilitate the cleaning and reduce the urban noise pollution.
  • Without water absorption <0,05%. Pavements ESD with conductivity of 10⁶Ω
  • Antislip pavements, RD from 55 to 70; Class 3 – R11 A+B+C (DIN 511130).
  • Anti-bacteriological, repels chewing gums, anti-freezing/snow heating system.
  • With resistance to freezing, chemical products, stains Class 5 (UNE 10545-14).
  • With great hardness, durability, resistance to compression, to impacts and to abrasion.
  • Silent 12 Sc with flexion resistance 50 N/mm² (UNE 10545-4).
  • Silent 12 Sc with breaking force 5.020 N (UNE 10545-4).
  • Stone 20 Sns with flexion resistance 42 N/mm² (UNE 10545-4).
  • Stone 20 Sns with breaking force 11.050 N (UNE 10545-4).
  • Porcelain tiles for tactile, podo-tactile and tactile-visual.