Covers Concrete

Polysitec ® and its surroundings can bring you several customized solutions in prefabricated concrete manhole covers, pipelines, drainage systems, sluice gates, irrigation seal, vaulted niches for allocation of fits and connections.

  • Homologated and normalizated prefabricated concrete manholes covers.
  • Covers reinforceds and adequateds for different traffic loads A15 – B125 – C250 – D400.
  • Manhole covers types of HA – HF, with several geometries and sizes.
  • Concrete boxes, resistant, light, versatile, normalized.
  • Compatible boxes with the manhole covers of several materials, cast iron, concrete, plastic, etc.
  • M – H -D/DM boxes types for the electric sector, telecomunications, sewers, drainages, lightning, etc.