Panel GMT antislip

Polysitec® and his business environment can offer you, floors and trapdoors panels for scaffolding, the advantages favour the use for the scaffolding sector. the panel is a composite panel monoblock thermal consolidated using a proprietary technology. It’s a foamed PP core add to GMT skins and a superficial thermal consolidated film in order to personalize the anti-slip finishing.

  • Abrasion resistance: DIN 53799, polypropylene is 10 times more resistant than plywood.
  • Antislip surface: R12 level with regard DIN 51130 (dry µ=0.85, wet µ=0.70).
  • Impact resistance: Passes ball impact test (100kg metallic ball thrown from 2.5m high).
  • Resistance and safety: Collapse or breaking are not possible. Does not rot.
  • Deflection: It is adequate and it is more resistant than some of the traditional panels.
  • Environmental resistance: UV resistance, <0.05% water absorption 7days-ISO DIS62.
  • Lightness: Its density is always 500kg/m³-10mm thickness. Core is a closed cell, waterproof.
  • German DIBT: According EN12810 / 12811 rule, both to the scaffolding systems.
  • Advantages: Ideal for damp areas, easy to clean, improve logistics cost and performance.
  • Production: For company with big orders, we customize the thickness, colour, stiffness, etc.

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