Building panels

Polysitec® and its environment can bring you a wide range of wood panels: smooth or antislip, fibre panels MDF – HDF – OSB fibre chipboard, HPL, foamed PVC, panels made of wood wool, MgO (manganese oxide). It can also bring form-work panels: foamed PVC panel, extruded PP panel and Plywood panel, with different characteristics of wood and glue, double-pressing, covered with phenolic or PP (polypropylene) film. These and other solutions are made in a relevant firm from the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

  • Made with a combination of eucalyptus, pine, poplar wood…, glued with WBP and MR resin.
  • With certifications CARB, FSC, CE…,  fulfills the E0-E1-E2 levels of formaldehyde emission.
  • For firms with high consumption, thickness, colour, stiffness, logotypes… are customised.

Comments: the number of formwork cycles is based on customer’s experience. This does not constitute any warranty from the producer since the number of uses depends a lot on the formwork system and the in-work panel manipulation.