Polyurethane panel

Polysitec® and its surroundings can bring you a wide range of thermostable panel. We recommend you the foamed closed-cell polyurethane structural panel (PU Foam), with fibrer galls and woven or non-woven structural reinforcement. Panels with a great stiffness, thermic and acoustic isolation, they are selfextinguish, resistant to chemical products and humidity. They are not affected by heat, do not absorbs water and do not get rotten. They can be painted and glued. These panels are perfect to be used as a structural core of sandwich panels or other applications. For light bodywork, aviation, trains, nautical, light trailers, caravanning, eolic, logistic sector, sports equipment, flight-boxes, ambulances, horse trailers, walls, partitions, furniture, covering of floors and sport pavements, stadiums, etc. For firms with big consumptions, thickness, stiffness, superficial finished, specific weights… can be customised.