Varioline PP

Polysitec® and its sphere can bring you VarioLine® mono-block panel of foamed thermoplastic serially manufactured using a close mould and material injection, getting the panel in one step. The injected thermoplastic material, can be CPP (copolymer polypropylene), HPP (homo-polymer polypropylene) or PE (polyethylene). It’s a mono block panel of variable density, whose non porous external surfaces are more compact maintaining the closed cell foamed geometry in its core. These more compact zones have a thickness of approximately of 1,5m. Is a lightweight panel which is resistant to water, chemical, steam, UV rays, it is approved and certified for alimentary usage and is whole recyclable. It is a good candidate for light formwork, external applications and aquatic environments. Moreover, the external surfaces are non porous and the closed cell foam avoids the material being potential a bacterial source.

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