Air purification

Polysitec® and its business surroundings can bring you solutions for inner air purifiers, with a technology based on a filtering system able to keep particles of 0,1micras, with HEPA and ULPA filters, and for air flows from 300m³/h to 3.000m³/h. For household use, residences, commercial, hospitals, hotels, wellness and sport centers, gyms, shops, offices, industries, transports and closed rooms where you want to have an exclusive space of pure air, healthy, free from ozone, dust, mites, odours, VOCs and air-particles up to 0,1 micras (viruses, bacteries, allergen, etc.).

  • Portable household air purifier, with an appealing design, functional, simple, easy to move, silent, with touchscreen and low consumption.
  • Industrial air purifier in a false ceiling, sturdy and silent, with an independent assembly which is not inserted in the existing air conditioning system.
  • Portable industrial air purifier, for emergency uses or detchable, field hospitals, clean rooms, pure air balloons for sportsmen, cosmetics,etc.

Clean and healthy air, more than 10 years purifying air in 20 countries.